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Locate & track the International Space Station in Real Time on your iPhone or iPad
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Locate and track the International Space Station in Real Time on your iPhone or iPad
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ISS Real-Time Tracker is a very popular app on the Apple App Store and has over 45,000 downloads. ISS Real-Time Tracker locates and tracks the International Space Station in real-time on an animated interactive map of Earth. And, it does a lot more than that! Get detailed information on upcoming visible passes from your current location. View ISS crew member information, including bios. Watch spectacular HD video of Earth streamed live from the High-Definition Earth Viewing Experiment (HDEV) on the International Space Station. Additionally download and save Landsat 8 images from NASA's Landsat imagery database corresponding to the precise area below the ISS.

ISS Real-Time Tracker is the only iOS app that gives you all this.

Over 44,000 users!

Key Features

List detailed pass predictions

Get overhead pass alerts

Track the ISS in real time

View live HD video of Earth

Download Landsat 8 images

Learn about the crew

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