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Locate & track the International Space Station in Real Time on your iPhone or iPad
Track, find, locate, spot the International Space Station - ISS - get passes and more with ISS Real-Time Tracker for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Locate and track the International Space Station in Real Time on your iPhone or iPad
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❝ This app works great. It gives accurate pass predictions and is fast and easy to use. Looking forward to their next app.❞

❝ This app is really functional and very simple to operate and understand.
Really impressed with the tracking, info, and live video of the earth from the ISS.❞

❝ This is a fantastic app for keeping tabs on when you can view the ISS. I had alerts set that popped up in my calendar with the perfect amount of lead time—without any real thinking or planning on my part. This app makes it easy.❞

❝ I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now, and have found it to be very precise, excellent, a good addition.❞

❝ Love it! It's great. It's really accurate.❞

❝ I have used this many times to view the ISS. App functions as it should and makes keeping up to date on location so easy. I like the extra information on each astronaut, and adds to the enjoyment of seeing and knowledge of the specialities of the astronauts. Thanks again for providing this.❞

❝ Interesting, inspiring, and educational. It makes you feel good to support the crew and know where they are.❞

❝ The best app available to track the International Space Station. I recommend it to all my friends!❞


ISS Real-Time Tracker is the most popular ISS spoting app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ISS Real-Time Tracker provides detailed spotting information on upcoming visible passes from your current location. It also locates and tracks the International Space Station in real-time on an animated interactive map of Earth with ground track overlay.

ISS Real-Time Tracker does a lot more than that! Tweet the the current ISS crew members and get their bios and stats. Plus, watch NASA TV live, and get live HD video of Earth from the ISS. ISS Real-Time Tracker is the only iOS app that gives you all this.

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